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The Treasury Management course is designed to provide professionals in finance, corporate finance, and treasury roles with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage an organization's cash and liquidity, optimize working capital, and mitigate financial risks. Participants will gain insights into treasury strategies, financial instruments, and best practices for enhancing an organization's financial health.

Core Content

Upon successful completion of the Treasury Management course, participants will be able to:

  1. Cash and Liquidity Management: Develop strategies for optimizing cash flows, managing liquidity, and minimizing idle cash balances.

  2. Working Capital Management: Implement techniques to improve working capital efficiency, including inventory management, accounts receivable, and accounts payable optimization.

  3. Risk Management: Identify and manage financial risks, including interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, and credit risk, through hedging and risk mitigation strategies.

  4. Financial Instrument Knowledge: Understand a range of financial instruments, such as derivatives, money market instruments, and debt securities, and their use in treasury management.

  5. Bank Relationship Management: Establish and maintain effective relationships with banks and financial institutions to access credit facilities and banking services.

  6. Treasury Technology: Utilize treasury management systems and financial technology (FinTech) tools for efficient cash management and reporting.

  7. Compliance and Regulatory Knowledge: Stay updated on financial regulations and compliance requirements affecting treasury operations.

  8. Investment Strategies: Develop investment policies and strategies for surplus cash to enhance returns while managing risk.

  9. Financial Reporting: Prepare accurate and timely financial reports and forecasts related to treasury operations.

  10. Ethical Considerations: Adhere to ethical standards and best practices in treasury management, including transparency and accountability.


  1. Educational Background: While there are no strict educational prerequisites, a background in finance, accounting, economics, or a related field is beneficial. Some institutions may require prior coursework in finance or accounting.

  2. Basic Mathematics: Proficiency in mathematics, including financial calculations and ratios, is essential for understanding treasury concepts.

  3. Computer Skills: Familiarity with spreadsheet software (e.g., Microsoft Excel) and treasury management systems is advantageous.

  4. Access to Data: Availability of financial data, market information, and access to treasury management software or tools, depending on the institution's resources.

  5. Study Time Commitment: Participants should be prepared to dedicate time to coursework, case studies, and financial analysis exercises.

  6. Textbooks and Materials: Access to recommended textbooks, financial databases, and course materials specified by the institution.

  7. Assessment: Successful completion of assignments, case studies, treasury management projects, and examinations as per the course curriculum.

  8. Practical Experience (Optional): Prior experience in finance, corporate finance, or treasury roles can provide valuable context for course concepts.

  9. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the language of instruction (usually English) is required to understand course materials and communicate effectively.

  10. Commitment to Ethical Standards: Students are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards and integrity throughout the course, especially in treasury management practices.

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